Harjit Singh

Harjit Singh is passionate about turbans. While growing up (especially since 9/11) Harjit has copped a lot of racial abuse for wearing his turban. Harjit believes it is time for all Australians to embrace the turban and all other head coverings as something acceptable in mainstream society. 

Harjit loves:

  • discovering Australia

  • sharing things that amaze people

  • creating connections for people to achieve their dreams. 

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Jasdeep Singh

Jasdeep Singh grew up in Innisfail, a small country town in Far North Queensland. Jasdeep loves his turban. 

Growing up in a regional area, Jasdeep was always seen as 'different', but being bigger than most people limited the amount of abuse he had to endure. Jasdeep believes tying turbans will help people understand a little more about him. He also thinks that if he keeps tying turbans on people he might get better at tying his own. 

Jasdeep loves:

  • growing bananas

  • talking about economics

  • riding his bicycle.

Left to Right:  Daniel Connell, Harjit Singh, Jasdeep Singh

Daniel Connell

Daniel Connell is an Australian visual artist working in various locations globally. His work is in the context of an emerging movement of new collaborations concerned with allowing the advantages of the visual arts: analysis, self reflection and sensitivity  to be available to as broad a range of the wider community as possible and contribute to healthy and sustainable societies.

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