What is Turbans and Trust?

What we do is pretty simple. We tie turbans...for free!

Turbans and Trust is a new initiative started by a couple of people around Australia. It was started in 2012 to give people an opportunity to learn a little bit about the significance of a turban and to then to use it as a vehicle to open up a conversation about people, faith, difference and community. 

While the turban is a mandatory article of faith for a practicing Sikh, it is also something held in high esteem by many others cultures. Unfortunately due to certain events in the last decade, the turban has become an item associated with a threat, by some. Sikhs, being the most prominent turban wearers around the world, have borne the brunt of the backlash that has ensued against the turban.

Turbans and Trust hopes to turn that trend around, not just for Sikhs but for all people who are made to feel unwelcome because of what they wear. We are using the turban as a starting point not just because it is such an obvious signifier but also because it offers an opportunity for a personal encounter between two people. By unravelling the cloth together, we unravel preconceived notions. We then tie a fresh new turban, together.

Turbans are rich with fable and colour. They are irresistible for most. The turban engineers are just ordinary Sikh men and women who have been schooled in the Turbans and Trust methodology, which is guided by a core belief in Sikhism: that it is every person's duty to uphold the dignity of each and every community. While the person is seated they then place their trust in the hands of a stranger, who gently ties a turban on their head. During this process a conversation is structured around conveying the sacred sense turbans have for Sikhs and the history of the turban in Australia. 

Turbans and Trust is completely free. All we ask in return is for people to pose for a picture with their turban tier, and that goes onto this website. All turbans are required to be returned upon leaving the venue.

What started out as a one-off event that tied a handful of turbans has become many events with thousands of turbans being tied by our expert turban engineers.