Wanneroo - 7 September 2013

Daniel Connell was in Perth for his exhibition called Face Up. We had been working closely together to come up with the Turbans and Trust branding and decided to test it out at the exhibition venue where Daniel was doing a live large scale portrait of a local Wanneroo lady. 

We were lucky enough to have many people come forward to get a turban tied on them. It was the first time we had an event where women wanted a turban! The branding received a very positive reaction and with a few minor adjustments following the event by the artist himself, we had something we were very happy with. It was time to take this show on the road...next stop Adelaide! 

Turbans and Trust were lucky enough to participate in this wonderful space thanks to the lovely Jana Braddock. When she isn't organising world class exhibitions working with the City of Wanneroo, Jana is also creating artistic masterpieces. To check our her work please click here