Innisfail - 6 April 2014

Visitors to this years Feast of the Senses were treated to a delightful surprise when Turbans and Trust, in collaboration with the Sikh Welfare Association NQ, set up a stall in the heart of the town.

Blessed with a beautiful day full of sunshine and a great crowd, guests trickled in to the Turbans and Trust stall with a curious eye. As the day went on, the streets began to fill with bright colours and smiles on both  the young and young at heart.

During the festivities, onlookers were in for a surprise when the Honourable Bob Katter had a turban tied on the main stage. Reluctantly placing his iconic Akubra on a table, Katter praised the Sikh community and proceeded to sit down to be welcomed by a turban artist. As the seconds ticked by, Katter's signature electric silver hair vanished/disappeared under the soft blue fabric of a turban. Experiencing such comfort and joy, Katter roamed the streets for the remainder of the day happily donning his turban with pride with his Akubra by his side.

Curtis Pitt - Member for Mulgrave

The highly regarded and respected Curtis Pitt MP brought along his entire family to the stall. Curtis, who has always been very supportive of community members from different backgrounds, shared his turban experience with his son.

SES members, Lions Club ladies, policemen and even the Mayor Bill Shannon also took part.

All the commotion lured in photographers and news crews, intrigued to know more and later spread our simple and fun message. Around 100 turbans were tied, with even more being positively affected by the bright turbans. It was a joy to hear guests asking when and where we may run this event next!

A big thank you to everyone who participated and all those who helped make the day a success!